Cell Wars

Bold, imaginative, unique and humorous story-telling from Adam Fox*.

Remember The Beano’s Numskulls? The science fiction films Fantastic Voyage and Inner Space? No? Oh well, you won’t forget Cell Wars in a hurry. And it might save your life…

Brian Davis of The Poplars, Watford, has a problem. He’s been eating junk food and drinking home brew. Like everyone else on the planet, he has a team of minuscule protectors inside him, most of them devoted to keeping him well. Except that in Brian’s case, they don’t know what to do when they find a nest of cancer cells. There’s only one small hope. Send Bill, the Head of the Immigration and Foreign Object Office (IFOO) on a dangerous mission to find the answer.


Cell Wars had me hooked from the start. The action takes place in a micro-world right under your nose – well, right up it actually. It's a world of fantastic beauty and ugliness where civil servants, demons, warriors and pub landlords duke it out daily. Most of us wouldn't expect a story about a battle between cancer cells and the good stuff to be all that funny. Well I just found out that it can be hilarious. It's also gripping, and a genuinely un-put-down-able read. It might even be life changing, or life saving. How often can you say that about a funny story? Do yourself a favour and read this book. It's a genuine treat. Even if it doesn't improve your mind, it could make your bum look a size smaller. - Brian Sellars, author

‘They say nothing is truly original but this comes close’ – press-ganged businessman on a transatlantic flight

‘What’s he gone and done now?’ – Adam’s favourite aunt

‘A bit of Terry Pratchett meets Lewis Carroll. And some other funny stuff’ – dictated under duress by a book agent cornered at a literary festival

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*Adam Fox is really Alistair Forrest

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