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Julius Caesar force-marches eight crack legions into Spain to subdue the sons of Pompey in the final, savage battle of a remorseless struggle for world dominance. But there is an unlikely hero who refuses to give in to the despair and horror of war, who refuses to accept that Roman cruelty and greed have changed his beloved hometown forever. This is a story of bravery, love, invention and hope.

"Off-beat historical fiction - pacy, exciting and often funny." Historical Novels Review

"Forrest has the gift of the true story teller – the ability to engage his readers’ interest from the very first sentence."  Sir Patrick Cormack FSA, MP

"I am in hog heaven with books like Libertas" - Nan Hawthorne, That's all she read

"Alistair Forrest's Libertas is a fast-moving tale of fortitude, survival and eventual retribution told against the background of Rome's bloody civil war. Forrest vividly recreates the epic battle that gave Caesar the prize he sought so avidly" - Douglas Jackson, author of Caligula, Claudius and Hero of Rome.

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