The Cell Wars Story

If you read novels online or are just looking for a short story to read on a trip or over the weekend, Cell Wars is the perfect choice.

"I had such fun writing this," says author Adam Fox. "As a youngster I loved reading The Numskulls in The Beano. One day I was thinking about those comic characters who operated inside the Brain and realized that nobody to my knowledge had developed this idea for adults.

"So I created a whole set of characters who are responsible for the good health of their Host, who I named Brian. I'm not sure why he's called Brian, but it just felt right!

"Then I wondered how these characters would react if terrorists got into their Host, terrorists whose Weapon of Mass Destruction is cancer. This leads to counter-terrorism by these good protectors and a dangerous mission to find the answer.

"I certainly don't find cancer funny but this adventure was such fun to write and also provided an opportunity for me to use my knowledge as a health journalist."

The fun side of Fox's writing is deftly shown by his creation of an English pub called The Singing Sphincter, down near Liver Central, which is the scene of the final battle with the cancer terrorists.

The result is a wonderful combination of Terry Pratchett's Discworld and Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

You can't go wrong with Cell Wars if you're looking for the pick of short stories to read on a journey or you want to read a book online.

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